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Children working with general, classified, and pairs stereognostic bags

What are Stereognostic Bags?

Stereognostic bags which contain familiar objects help a child to coordinate their fine motor control and brain responses with language. Feely bags can contain common general objects or classified objects… Read more »

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A child sitting on an adult's lap, pointing to a story, with another adult beside them.

Children Need a Lap

All children need a laptop. Not a computer, but a human laptop. Moms, Dads, Grannies and Grandpas, Aunts, Uncles – someone to hold them, read to them, teach them. General… Read more »

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A child sitting on a man's lap being read a story outside on a bench.

Books Representing Reality

“We should check that books present reality, since at this age children are trying to make sense of the environment and the life around them. There is nothing more extraordinary… Read more »

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Children touching fruit in a tray, matching sea life objects to photos, working with colour nomenclature cards, and matching pairs of illustrations.

What are Language Activities?

Montessori language activities enable a child to absorb the linguistic properties of the languages of their culture. Language activities include labelling objects, people, and activities in the environment; nomenclature or… Read more »

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A 6.5 month old infant babbling in his crib.

Babbling Leads to Language

Babbling begins shortly after birth as an infant experiments with sounds and progresses through stages as the vocalizations sound more like speech. Expressive language is presented through a sequence, such… Read more »

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A child pointing at a page of a book while sitting on his pregnant mother's lap.

Language Even Before Birth

A child starts to absorb language before birth through all the words and sounds that he or she is exposed to. This receptive language is stored in the unconscious memory… Read more »

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