We are committed to helping children get the best possible start and acquire a solid foundation for healthy development and learning.

Our Licensed Home Child Care Agency focuses on quality care, safety, trust, nurturing caregiver-child relationships, responsiveness, stability, and a sense of security, belonging, and well-being in a small  family atmosphere for children from birth to age twelve.

In a warm and caring home environment with ratios of no more than six children, daily care is flexible and tailored to the individual needs of children.

Children enjoy the nurturing comfort and consistency of a one to one relationship with their care provider.

Home child care providers create engaging play activities and learning opportunities designed to meet the needs and developmental stages of each child. Experiences are offered to reflect children’s interests, emerging skills, energy level, and temperament.

Safety and Quality Assurance

Home Child Care Coordinators are Registered Early Childhood Educators who work in partnership with providers to ensure that the highest standards in health, safety, agency best-practices, and municipal and provincial regulatory requirements are met.

Homes are visited regularly by Day Care Connection Home Child Care Coordinators and are randomly checked for evidence of compliance by representatives of both levels of government.

Trained, screened, and monitored providers meet all current Ministry of Education regulations pertaining to home child care.

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Advantages of Licensed Home Childcare

Several children from the same family may be cared for in the same home. The companionship of siblings offers comfort and security to the child while they are away from their own home.

Mixed-age groupings allow for unique opportunities to learn from each other, developing compassion and empathy, as well as life skills such as taking turns, working together, self-help skills, and helping each other.

Children benefit from a nurturing and continuous relationship with their caregiver where each child receives individual focused attention.

The child care provider plans activities related to the child’s interests and abilities, suited to their developmental needs. Activities are flexible and responsive, and may be changed based on the needs of the child(ren.)

Careful home selection, parent/family consultation, listening to the needs of children, families, and child care providers, and open communication help to create and maintain trusting, positive relationships.

Access to materials, resources, and ongoing training enhances the experiences for children and child care providers.

Home Child Care Coordinators seek to build positive relationships with home child care providers, families, children, and the community through trust, listening, support, and strength-based capacity building to further strengthen care in the home environment.

Early Learning Plans Designed For Each Child

Our Registered Early Childhood Educator Home Child Care Coordinators stay connected with providers and children by visiting homes on an ongoing basis.

Visits may include consultation about how to best support the individual needs of the children, and assistance with setting up and facilitating the environment to promote optimal learning, development, exploration, discovery, and play.

Home Child Care Coordinators assist providers in designing an educational program for each child. Parents/Guardians receive up to date information on their child’s development from our staff.

Information for Providers

*This information is also included in the Provider Inquiry Tab*

Our organization affirms the dedication and commitment of home child care providers. We believe the work of caregivers matters, is valuable and important, and that it can make a lasting difference in the life of children and families.

When a home child care provider joins Day Care Connection (DCC), they are considered an independent contractor.

Day Care Connection advocates for Licensed home child care providers to be paid the highest possible rate while making quality childcare affordable and accessible to all. Currently, providers working with DCC are among the highest paid in the licensed home child care sector.

Day Care Connection will continue to advocate for its providers as the Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care Program is rolled out.

You are eligible for any grants from the Provincial government that come through licensed agencies.

You are able to care for up to six children.

DCC home child care providers are eligible to work with families who qualify to receive childcare subsidy through the City of Toronto.

Day Care Connection is part of the new Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care (CWELCC) program that will see substantial fee reductions for families.

We refer parents/guardians to your programs. Care is taken to match the wants and needs of the children and families with those of the provider.

We refer and introduce families to providers/your home care program and provide support during interviews.

The agency collects all fees for you to guarantee a timely payment on a set schedule.

We assist with outreach, promoting, and advertisement of your business.

There is no administrative fee. 100 percent of childcare fees go directly to the provider.

Payment dates for providers follow a consistent schedule.

You have access to ongoing learning opportunities and professional development related to child development, self-regulation, health and nutrition, behaviour guidance, etc., to enhance your program and add to your resume and professional portfolio.

We provide consultation and support regarding setting up your home child care location, Ministry guidelines, nutrition plans, health and safety, and documentation.

You have access to free materials such as arts and crafts, toys, and safe equipment.

Continuing one-on-one support, guidance, and resources are available in partnership with a Home Child Care Coordinator (who is a Registered Early Childhood Educator – RECE).

Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education describes some of the Benefits of Licensed Home childcare:

  • Government –regulated and inspected
  • Children of the same family may be placed together
  • Small group size
  • Childcare agency provides assistance, support and monitoring
  • Caregiver has to meet certain standards of care
  • Fee subsidy is available

Quality refers to programs where home childcare providers:

  • build positive, caring, and responsive relationships with each child
  • create a home environment that allows for flexibility based on each child’s unique characteristics, abilities and interests, and
  • support learning through exploration, play and inquiry

“Care environments reflect a commitment to helping children develop skills for lifelong learning, concentration, creative expression, and social development.”

— Day Care Connection

Subsidized spaces available
for eligible families

Please visit the City of Toronto’s Child Care Fee Subsidy Calculator to determine your eligibility.


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Our Locations

Daycare Connection has home childcare providers located throughout Toronto. If you are interested in finding a place for your child(ren), please complete our Parent Inquiry Form.

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