Provider Inquiry – Information and Advantages of Licensed Home Child Care for Providers

Join our team of dedicated Home Child Care Providers:

We are looking for nurturing caregivers who want to provide licensed home child care from their homes.

Daycare Connection affirms the dedication and commitment of home child care providers. We believe the work of caregivers matters, is valuable and important, and that it can make a lasting difference in the life of children and families.

Day Care Connection advocates for Licensed Home Child Care Providers to be paid the highest possible rate while making quality child care affordable and accessible to all. Currently providers working with DCC are among the highest paid in the licensed home child care sector.

Daycare Connection will continue to advocate for its providers as the Canada-Wide Early Learning and Childcare Agreement is rolled out.

What Does Providing Care Through a Licensed Home Child Care Agency Entail?

When a home child care provider joins Daycare Connection they are considered an independent contractor.

You are able to run your own business from your own home with the support of a licensed Home Visitor.

You are able to care for up to six children.

You are eligible for any grants from the Provincial Government that come through licensed agencies.

DCC home child care providers are eligible to work with families who qualify to receive childcare subsidy through the City of Toronto.

Daycare Connection will be part of the new Canada-wide Early Learning and Childcare plan (CWELCC) that will see substantial fee reductions for parents.

Advantages of Partnering with Daycare Connection Home Child Care:

Access to free materials such as arts and crafts, toys, books, and safe equipment.

We refer parents to your programs. Care is taken to match the wants and needs of the children and families with those of the provider.

We refer and introduce families to providers/your home care program and provide support during interviews

The agency collects all fees for you to guarantee a timely payment on a set schedule.

We assist with outreach, promoting, and advertisement of your business.

No administrative fee. 100 percent of childcare fees goes directly to the provider.

Payment dates for providers follow a consistent schedule.

We provide consultation and support in regarding to setting up your home child care location, Ministry guidelines, nutrition plans, health and safety, and documentation.

Access to ongoing learning opportunities and professional development related to child development, self-regulation, health and nutrition, behaviour guidance, etc. to enhance your program and add to your resume and professional portfolio

Continuing one-on-one support, guidance and resources are available in partnership with a Home Child Care Coordinator (RECE).

If you would like to learn more we welcome your questions. Contact us at 416-698-0750 or fill out the Provider Inquiry Form below. We look forward to hearing from you.

“Everyone at Daycare Connection is great; I have learned so much over many years with this agency. The staff care so much about the children, me, my family and the daycare families.”

— Provider

“This is the best work in the world, I love what I do, every day I am part of helping children feel the joy of learning.”

— Provider

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