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What are Language Activities?

Children touching fruit in a tray, matching sea life objects to photos, working with colour nomenclature cards, and matching pairs of illustrations.

Montessori language activities enable a child to absorb the linguistic properties of the languages of their culture. Language activities include labelling objects, people, and activities in the environment; nomenclature or real objects for labelling; matching objects with representations; and nomenclature cards.

Books that present reality help a child learn about their surroundings. Stereognostic bags (feely bags ) which contain familiar objects, as well as sign language, help a child to coordinate their fine motor control and brain responses with language.

Self-expression and story-telling allow a child to discover and develop their own identity and independence. Poetry, rhythmic language
and singing help a child to acquire the syntax and rhythm of language.

There are many ways to facilitate a child’s language development!