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Children scooping, tonging, pouring, whisking, using a button dressing frame, and sewing.

Practical Life Includes Refinement of Movement

Montessori Practical life activities include preliminary exercises to refine movement. The development of these skills aids in every day activities such as cooking, serving, pouring, dressing, sewing, and so on.

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Children working with dowels and rings, sorting 3 objects, pegs and numbered board, and a division board.

Mathematical Mind

Math is a life-long skill that children absorb as they grasp objects and start to notice patterns and sequences. The children can count pegs, coloured rings, vehicles, and so on;… Read more »

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Children working on puzzles, sorting 4 objects, and 5 dowels with rings.

More Refinement

Refinement of movement activities such as scooping, tonging, dowels with rings, shape sorters, and puzzles aid a child in concentration, growth and independence.

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Children using a shape sorter, 3 dowels with rings, lacing beads, and sorting 3 objects

Refinement of Movement

Montessori Refinement of Movement materials help children to refine small movements of the hand; to exercise and develop hand-eye coordination; and to coordinate two hands working together.

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