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A child's hands holding a seedling, cradled by an adult's hands.

Love of the Environment

The love of one’s environment is the secret of all human progress and the secret of social evolution… Love of the environment inspires man to learn, to study, to work. It is up to us to construct such an environment to protect our offspring… This is the mission of education. Dr Maria Montessori

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A child's hands holding the Earth

Harmony With The Earth

The land is where our roots are. The children must be taught to feel and live in harmony with the Earth. Dr Maria Montessori

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Children watering plants, scootering, raking, using a brush and dust pan, using stepping stones, and shoveling.

Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education gives children the opportunity to enhance their equilibrium, gross motor and fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, observation skills, and to coordinate the whole body working together while developing independence. Planting, watering, weeding, sweeping, raking, and shoveling allow the child to feel productive in their community.

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Children pulling weeds, cleaning toys and windows, planting, and watering flowers.

Montessori Outdoor Practical Life

Montessori Outdoor Practical Life activities allow a child to participate in keeping our environment beautiful and well maintained, and to feel like an active participant in their community. These activities can include cleaning, collecting yard waste, planting, watering, and tidying up our materials.

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Children scooping, tonging, pouring, whisking, using a button dressing frame, and sewing.

Practical Life Includes Refinement of Movement

Montessori Practical life activities include preliminary exercises to refine movement. The development of these skills aids in every day activities such as cooking, serving, pouring, dressing, sewing, and so on.

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Children working with plants, arranging flowers, washing dishes and a table, sweeping, and polishing wood.

How Does Practical Life Help?

Montessori Practical life skills allow the young child to develop motor control, self-confidence, the ability to think outside the self, empathy for others and a feeling of being productive and belonging to the community.

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Children stirring, serving food, pouring milk, and using a sweeper and dustpan.

What is Practical Life?

Montessori Practical Life activities can include caring for ourselves, cooking, serving food, pouring drinks, cleaning a spill, washing a window, cleaning a table, polishing a mirror, dusting, sweeping, mopping, arranging fresh flowers, planting, watering plants, raking, shoveling, cleaning yard waste, and so on.

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A vase with large pink flowers.

Practical Life

Montessori Practical life activities are opportunities for children to participate in and contribute to their community. These skills involve care of the self, care of the indoor and outdoor environment, grace and courtesy, and control of movement.

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Children working with dowels and rings, sorting 3 objects, pegs and numbered board, and a division board.

Mathematical Mind

Math is a life-long skill that children absorb as they grasp objects and start to notice patterns and sequences. The children can count pegs, coloured rings, vehicles, and so on; do a variety of dowel activities; sort objects; notice pairs, and start to quantify objects. This preliminary work builds the logical mathematical mind that is… Read more »

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