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A child planting and watering tomatoes, the plant growing, green tomatoes forming, and ripe orange-red tomatoes.

Growing Tomatoes!

Children gravitate to science and nature activities like planting. They will enjoy helping to plant tomatoes or other plants in a garden or “Topsy Turvy” type of upside down hanging basket. They can help to water, pull off the side shoots to yield larger tomatoes, and keep the area weed free. If you are not… Read more »

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A strawberry plant growing in a topsy turvy planter, a flower growing, pale strawberries, and ripe strawberries hanging from the planter.

Growing Strawberries!

Children can help plant strawberry or other plants in any garden, planter or “Topsy Turvy” type of hanging basket. Be sure to water daily if it doesn’t rain. Fertilizing every 2 weeks also helps. Watch for the flowers, which will turn into fruit buds! Nurturing plants not only fosters a child’s relationship with nature and… Read more »

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Ayisha sitting near her flower planter on her deck

Spring Planting

Please click to watch the video of Ayisha planting petunias. What is your favourite colour?

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