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A child's hands holding a seedling, cradled by an adult's hands.

Love of the Environment

The love of one’s environment is the secret of all human progress and the secret of social evolution… Love of the environment inspires man to learn, to study, to work…. Read more »

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A child observing a snail on a table, a close-up of a snail, a squirrel, a caterpillar in a screened house, and a bird on a branch.

What is Cosmic Education?

Outdoor education allows children to form a relationship with nature, to enjoy and care for it, and discover our interdependence with nature. Children can be encouraged to discover and preserve… Read more »

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Children watering plants, scootering, raking, using a brush and dust pan, using stepping stones, and shoveling.

Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education gives children the opportunity to enhance their equilibrium, gross motor and fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, observation skills, and to coordinate the whole body working together while developing… Read more »

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