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Tag: Cosmic Education

A child planting and watering tomatoes, the plant growing, green tomatoes forming, and ripe orange-red tomatoes.

Growing Tomatoes!

Children gravitate to science and nature activities like planting. They will enjoy helping to plant tomatoes or other plants in a garden or “Topsy Turvy” type of upside down hanging… Read more »

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A strawberry plant growing in a topsy turvy planter, a flower growing, pale strawberries, and ripe strawberries hanging from the planter.

Growing Strawberries!

Children can help plant strawberry or other plants in any garden, planter or “Topsy Turvy” type of hanging basket. Be sure to water daily if it doesn’t rain. Fertilizing every… Read more »

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Children planting green bean seeds, watering them, the plants getting larger, green beans growing, in a basket, and cooked green beans in a bowl.

Germinating Seeds

Germinating seeds gives a child the opportunity to grow and nurture the life around them. It also encourages the child to explore their relationship with nature. Dr Maria Montessori used… Read more »

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A child's hands holding a seedling, cradled by an adult's hands.

Love of the Environment

The love of one’s environment is the secret of all human progress and the secret of social evolution… Love of the environment inspires man to learn, to study, to work…. Read more »

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A child observing a snail on a table, a close-up of a snail, a squirrel, a caterpillar in a screened house, and a bird on a branch.

What is Cosmic Education?

Outdoor education allows children to form a relationship with nature, to enjoy and care for it, and discover our interdependence with nature. Children can be encouraged to discover and preserve… Read more »

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