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$10 a Day Childcare (Canada Wide Early Learning and Childcare Plan)

Exciting news!! We are proud to announce that Day Care Connection will be part of the new Canada-wide Early Learning and Childcare (CWELCC) plan that will see substantial fee reductions for parents.

We have homecare spaces available and we are also looking for home-caregivers/childcare providers.

Parents and Families:

Parents will see an average reduction in fees of 25% starting in April and a further reduction (for a total of 50%) by the end of 2022. The Province will continue working towards an average of $10 per a day by late 2025. Parents will see rebates retroactive to April 1st.

Rest assured Day Care Connection is committed to offering top-quality licensed childcare and making your and your children’s experiences as enriching as possible.

Partnering with New Home Child Care Providers and Caregivers:

We are looking for new providers to help us fulfill our goals of providing this care for as many families as we can. If you are a home child care provider who is interested in working with a supportive licensed home child care agency, please contact us to discuss working alongside each-other.

Daycare Connection has been offering not for profit childcare since 1976 and makes sure providers are provided the best possible rate. Many of our providers received significant assistance that may not have been available to non-licensed providers.

If you are a home child care provider that is interested in discussing the new $10 a day program and how we may be able to work together, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or 416-698-0750