Parents Say:
Our child has been given lots of attention, respect and love, a variety of activities such as art, songs, numbers and reading. Our home caregiver is truly loving and dedicated…”
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Our Approach

We have the experience and credibility of a non profit multi-service organization with over 30 years of innovative and successful services to communities. We have demonstrated expertise in providing high quality, user responsive, well-managed, standard-setting care and services.

Care environments reflect a commitment to helping children develop skills for life long learning, concentration, independent thinking, creative expression and social development. Our aim is to create caring, inclusive communities where children will:

  • have a love of learning
  • be compassionate and responsible
  • be aware of and care for the environment
  • have the skills to resolve conflicts peacefully

We are committed to helping children get the best possible start and acquire a solid foundation for healthy development and learning.

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