Parents Say:
Our child has been given lots of attention, respect and love, a variety of activities such as art, songs, numbers and reading. Our home caregiver is truly loving and dedicated…”
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Our Home Child Care Program provides regulated home based child care
with many benefits for families. The caregivers, independent
contractors, provide care in a small family atmosphere for children from
infancy to age ten. The warm, caring environments feature a small number
of children with excellent adult child ratios ensuring care is flexible
and tailored to the individual child’s needs. Children enjoy the comfort
of a special one to one relationship with their caregiver.


Home Visitors are Early Childhood Education Specialists assisting
caregivers in meeting all municipal and provincial regulatory
requirements as well as best practices set by the agency. Homes are
visited monthly by our staff and randomly checked for evidence of
compliance by representatives of both levels of government.


Our Early Childhood Educators regularly visit caregiver’s homes to
provide consultation and assistance in preparing an environment designed
to promote the individual child’s development. We recognize that each
child is unique with his or her own temperament, activity level, and
changing interests in learning and exploring. Development is supported
by nurturing trusting relationships, providing a flexible but stable
routine and offering fun, challenging activities to stimulate creativity
and satisfy the desire to explore, discover and learn.

Home Visitors complete recurrent Developmental Profiles for the
children and assist caregivers in designing an educational program for
each child. Parents receive up to date information on their child’s
development from our staff.


Caregivers have access to education/training opportunities as well as
program resource packages, safe equipment, craft supplies and
developmentally stimulating toys and activities from our resource library.

Caregivers say:

“This is the best work in the world, I love what I do, everyday I am
part of helping children feel the joy of learning”

“Everyone at Day Care Connection is great, I have learned so much over
many years with this agency. The staff cares so much about the children,
me, my family and the day care families.”


Parents say:

“Our child has been given lots of attention, respect and love, a variety
of activities such as art, songs, numbers and reading. Our caregiver is
truly loving and dedicated. In such a nourishing home our child has

“Our son has exceeded our expectations in his development; his excellent
progress is due to the outstanding care he receives”

“Thanks for making this such a positive, worry free experience!”

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